Dental fillings in Kakinada

Treatments – Best Dental fillings in Kakinada

White Teeth Filling

Teeth fillings are used to fill a cavity or damaged part of the tooth after removal of the decay. Receive the highest quality teeth fillings – now at a special offer from Srinivasa Multispeciality Dental Hospital.

Fillings are most commonly used to prevent further damage to a tooth when decay is present. By removing the bacteria and closing the affected area off, no further tooth decay can occur.

The process of getting a Dental fillings in Kakinada

Once your dentist has assessed your case and determined a tooth filling is the best solution, you will be booked in for your next treatment. In general, a filling treatment can last anywhere roughly between 30 minutes to an hour to complete all the necessary dental work.

Most dentists will prepare the area with numbing spray/gel before a local anesthetic is used. This creates a more comfortable experience for patients by lessening the feeling of the local anesthetic needle.

Once the area is completely numb, the dentist will remove any decay with a drill and seal the area with a filling. To maintain proper bite function, the dentist will check with the patient to ensure that their bite feels normal. If necessary, part of the filling will be filed down to restore the natural bite. Visit Srinivasa Dental Clinic For Dental fillings in Kakinada

Dental fillings in Kakinada


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