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Teeth whitening services in kakinada

If you are looking for a quick and simple procedure to enhance and brighten your smile a little, then teeth whitening services in kakinada might be a good solution!

There are different ways to teeth whitening services in kakinada, your teeth are subject to your budget and time frame. Your options include an at-home whitening kit, which your dentist will instruct you to use. Or, an in-office whitening, which the dentist will perform.

Teeth whitening treatments are not a permanent solution for discolored teeth, but with the correct maintenance and oral hygiene, as well as small touch-ups, you can improve the whiteness and brightness of your teeth dramatically.

With age, the enamel’s surface wears down and becomes more transparent and yellowish. This is caused by the underlying layer of dentin which is naturally yellowish, to be revealed. Due to chewing, trauma, acidic foods, and gnashing, the enamel experiences small cracks, which fill in with debris and stains. Because of that, enamel becomes lackluster and dull. Through the teeth whitening procedure, the debris is removed from the enamel surface, and the small cracks will be left exposed and opened. Some of them may remineralize from saliva, while others will fill up with debris again.

Types of stains
There are two types of stains:
Extrinsic stains are those that are caused by dark-colored beverages, tobacco, and foods. They can be easily removed with dental cleanings or brushing. If it doesn’t help, teeth bleaching becomes handy. If they are left untreated, they might ingrain the dentin.

intrinsic stains occur because of aging, trauma, excessive intake of fluoride, or contact with other minerals (such as tetracycline) during teeth formation. Intrinsic stains form on the interior of the teeth. For a long time, it was believed that intrinsic stains can’t be changed, but nowadays with supervised whitening kits, they can be removed easily. If the treatment fails, there are alternatives to treat intrinsic staining with dental veneers.

teeth whitening services in kakinada


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