Tooth extraction in Kakinada

Tooth extraction in Kakinada – Best Tooth extraction services in Kakinada

Tooth extraction in Kakinada

Tooth extraction is the removal of a damaged or nonfunctional tooth from your mouth, using forceps, from the socket surrounding the roots of the teeth. Receive the highest quality treatment – now at a special offer from Srinivasa Multispeciality Dental Hospital.

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Tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth from your jaw bone. This may be necessary if your dentist can’t repair the damage to your tooth or if there is extensive decay, infection, or tooth mobility. Teeth may also be removed to relieve crowding.

Most dentists try to save a tooth through root canals. However, sometimes a tooth is so badly damaged it cannot be saved. At this point, the extraction and removal of the tooth are the only options. A tooth can also be removed to pave way for new teeth, when an outgrowth is occurring or for orthodontic treatment, or when wisdom teeth need to be removed.

There are two main types of tooth removals: Simple extractions and surgical removal.

Simple removal involves removing visible teeth using local anesthesia and loosening of the teeth. Meanwhile, surgical extraction involves removing teeth that are lodged within the gum

Tooth extraction in Kakinada


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